Little Teddy, why so blue?

I will find an eye for you.

In my box I’m sure there’ll be

A little button so you can see.


A bone?  A pearl?  Or perhaps a brass?

Or would you like an eye of glass?

I’ll sew it on just right, and then

We can go and play again!

My little friend has gone off to play,

I’ve sat on a shelf for many a-day. 

With one missing eye covered up with a patch

I can’t run, I can’t tumble, can’t even play catch!


Well, I sat and I waited for nearly a year—

Oh, I know she’s just such a busy young dear.

But I really can’t wait any longer to see…

So I’ve come to a button meeting for an eye for me!

by Jane Leslie and Joanne Wyman


I’m in awe!  I’m in heaven!  I found one at last!

My days of one eye are now in the past!

But while I was searching for one perfect eye,

I saw some nice buttons passing me by!


A nice “picture” here, a good “counter” there…

Soon my tote bag was full—it was too much to “bear”!

And so here you find me after my expedition…

I’ve decided to enter the button competition!

I finally joined the local club—

And oh, how welcome they made this cub!

I learned a lot and had fun, too…

So now let’s see what I can do!


I entered my buttons on six different trays,

And got a big measle—much to my dismay!

But look, oh, look, at this one, my dear—

I won a blue ribbon!  See it?  Right here!

Teddy poem was written by Jane Leslie and Joanne Wyman.  The drawings are by Kevin Wyman. 

So, how does one have a custom button made?  Joanne Wyman said they took the drawings of Teddy to a jewelry manufacturer in Attleboro, MA.  A rubber mold was made from the drawing, and the buttons were made in pewter from that mold.