These Famous Oklahomans have Counties named for them:

William H. “Alfalfa Bill” Murray, governor from 1931-1935

Sequoyah, inventor of the Cherokee syllabary.  He lived in the early 19th century; the place of his burial is unconfirmed.  However, in 1903 a farmer in Kiowa County, in southwest Oklahoma, discovered a grave on his farm containing human remains with a Jefferson Peace Medal and a clay pipe.  One leg bone was shorter than the other; Sequoyah was known to have a limp.  The pipe was given to W.H. Murray, who was president of the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention, and the medal sent to Sequoya’s relatives. The farmer buried the remains and no one now living remembers the location.

William “Bill” Tilghman, Oklahoma Lawman 1892-1925.  “He walked into the very jaws of death to drive the outlaws out of Oklahoma.”

David L. Payne, Boomer Leader, 1880-1884. 

     Bob Benson is someone who gets the carved ones from Bali and makes them into studio buttons by adding embellishments.  At right, Mr. Benson with a Pohnpei nut, and at left one of his signed studio buttons.3


There are some modern imported realistic animal buttons, like this carved panda that is three dimensional.  They are from China.

1This button is one of a set of Uncle Wiggily character buttons. Howard Garis originally created Uncle Wiggily for the Newark News newspaper comic strip in 1910 which eventually was nationally syndicated on a daily basis which later evolved into many books. Lang Campbell was the original artist who drew the characters . Fred A. Wish Inc. of New York was an agent/representative and filed many intellectual patents as assigned by the author Howard Garis which were filed under Prints and Labels. Prints and Labels is a patent/copyright on prints and labels designed and used for articles of manufacture, which was once under the prevue of the patent office from 1874-1940’s, a division of Trade-marks and Designs. Fred Wish registered the Uncle Wiggily name and character images with the U.S. Patent office in 1923 and the patent was renewed in 1943, allowing the author to be paid when the images and name Uncle Wiggily was used by several companies. Fred Wish Inc. became a very well known agent.  Wish was hired by Johnny Gruelle, who wrote Raggedy Ann in 1934, and the Wish helped to protect Gruelle’s rights and promote the authorized character images for the dolls and goods in 1935.

2 General Service,  US Army 1902.  “One style for all arms and all grades, private to Lt. General.  The only exception is the Engineer Corps, who are to retain their present design...  The design is a copy of the great seal of the U.S.”  Other non-metal buttons were metalized plastic, composition, compressed fiberboard, horn, oiled cloth, vegetable ivory.  Some VI were back marked “Art in Buttons/US/U.S.A”  Alphaeus H Albert ‘s  Record of American Uniform and Historical Buttons, page 42-43.

3  This palm tree needs a profusion of fresh water.  Pohnpei Island receives 200-400 inches of rain per year.  The trees begin to bear at 12-20 years of age.