These Famous Oklahomans have Counties named for them:

William H. “Alfalfa Bill” Murray, governor from 1931-1935

Sequoyah, inventor of the Cherokee syllabary.  He lived in the early 19th century; the place of his burial is unconfirmed.  However, in 1903 a farmer in Kiowa County, in southwest Oklahoma, discovered a grave on his farm containing human remains with a Jefferson Peace Medal and a clay pipe.  One leg bone was shorter than the other; Sequoyah was known to have a limp.  The pipe was given to W.H. Murray, who was president of the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention, and the medal sent to Sequoya’s relatives. The farmer buried the remains and no one now living remembers the location.

William “Bill” Tilghman, Oklahoma Lawman 1892-1925.  “He walked into the very jaws of death to drive the outlaws out of Oklahoma.”

David L. Payne, Boomer Leader, 1880-1884.