Indian Grass is one of the Big Four native grasses.  Excellent for forage and wildlife, it is also a beautiful ornamental grass.  It was chosen as the State grass in 1972 .  Button is brass with cut steels.

The Buffalo became the State mammal of Oklahoma in 1972.  Theodore Roosevelt created the Wichita Wildlife Refuge  to conserve a free-range habitat for this impressive American icon.

The button is cameo-cut pearl made by Herman Bangeman, Jr.  

The Honeybee   was selected as the State insect in 1992.  The bee is essential to agriculture and a symbol of industry.          Button is scrimshaw on bone.

Wheat & Cotton are major agricultural crops.  Oklahoma ranks among the top producing states in the nation of these  commodities.

Boll is ceramic and wheat is celluloid.

The Bald Eagle  can be seen wintering in Oklahoma.  The State ranks in the top ten for numbers of these regal birds.

Painted on pearl by Belva Smith.