The Eastern Red Bud

is one of the first trees to bloom in early spring, producing one of North America’s most spectacular floral displays. Its showy profusion of small, pink to purplish flowers is borne in clusters over the entire tree, including the branches and trunk, and appears before the leaves have opened.  It became the official State tree in 1939.  Porcelain button made by Connie Robinson.

Route 66 

Oklahoma had more miles of the original “Mother Road”, Route 66, road-bed than any other state.  We were the first state to design and use the distinctive historic markers.  We are home to the first state-sponsored Route 66 Museum.  Button is a rived shank usage .

The Fiddle

became the official instrument in 1984.  It is the accompanying instrument of choice for the state dance—the Square Dance.  Fiddle is porcelain by Stella Rzanski and the square dancers are brass on velvet & wood by Terry and Evelyn Davies.

Icons of Oklahoma: oil, scissortail flycatcher, mistletoe, Native Americans, and the famous Land Run.