The Strawberry                was declared the State fruit in 2005.  It is a major crop in several counties.

This button is celluloid.

Oil Wells were first drilled in Oklahoma Territory in 1889.  That first well produced 1/2 barrel a day to treat cattle for ticks.  1897 ushered in the Oil Era, adding impetus to Statehood. Button is  stamped copper made by Michael Burgess.

Between 1897-1907, Oklahoma was the world’s largest producer of oil.

The Indian Blanket                                                          became the State wildflower in 1986.  This native of the American prairie blooms abundantly on the roadsides in summer.     Button is tooled and painted leather by  Laurel Crawford.

The White Tailed Deer                                                             became the game animal in 1990.  This beautiful and powerful animal is a prodigious runner and swimmer.  Native Americans and early settlers relied on the deer for food and clothing.  Button is fused glass by Kay Ferguson..

The Raccoon                       was declared the State furbearing mammal in 1989.  Once iconic with the pioneers in the wilderness, the raccoon is found all over the state.  Button is ceramic.